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The DA62 is designed to give enormous freedom of movement and further enhance your travel experience. The large cabin is designed to offer passengers comfortable seating and set new standards in general aviation. A compelling mix of distinctive styling, consistent lightweight carbon design and superior flying dynamics is what the DA62 delivers.




A new First Class cabin, comparable in size to a luxurious SUV, maximizes space to offer room for up to seven passengers. And you don’t need to leave your personal luxuries behind, as the DA62 is able to carry plenty of bags in its huge rear and front baggage compartments.



Technical Specifications

Facts and specifications with 2,300 kg MTOM
Length 9.19 m 30 ft 2 in
Height 2.82 m  9 ft 2 in
Wing span 14.5 m 47 ft 7 in
Seats up to 7 up to 7
Useful load 710 kg  1,565 lbs
Maximum Take-off weight MTOM 2,300 kg  5,071 lbs
Engine AE 330 with 2 x 180 HP AE 330 with 2 x 180 HP
Fuel capacity (standard-/long range tank) up to 326 lt
main tank 189 lt
auxiliary tank 137 lt
up to 86 US gal
main tank 50 US gal
auxiliary tank 36 US gal
Fuel grades Jet A-1 Jet A-1
Consumption at 60% (12,000 ft) 44.7 lt/h (in total) 11.8 US gal/hr (in total)
Max. Speed (14,000 ft, MCP) 352 km/h TAS  190 kts TAS
Max. Speed st typical configuration ¹⟩ 372 km/h TAS 201 kts TAS
Certified service ceiling 6,069 m 20,000 ft
Max. Range 2,376 km  1,283 nm

Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft, if not otherwise stated. The above quoted data are approximately specifications and may change without notice.

¹⟩ Typical configuration, average occupation, short trip landing, well serviced aircraft condition


DA62 with MTOM 1,999 kg

The DA62 is also available with an MTOM of 1,999 kg (4,407.8 lbs).


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