Falcon 6X

The 5,500 nm Falcon 6X


Not only has Dassault Aviation redefined the private jet travel experience. It has created a new category: the ultra widebody business jet.


Falcon 6X Flight Deck


The Falcon 6X cockpit is equipped with the latest generation of Dassault’s award-winning avionics suite. The EASy III design reflects input from Falcon operators — for example, the ability to quickly power up and power down all systems with the touch of one button. The 6X also features proprietary technologies such as the award-winning FalconEye® Combined Vision System, which provides unprecedented situational awareness for flight crews, and FalconSphere II, an integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution that reduces the time and effort of preparing missions.

Four large windows provide exceptional, wide-angle visibility. The glare shield is even shaped to give pilots an expanded field of view.

Crew comfort is enhanced with greater legroom, and larger, more comfortable seats that can recline to 130 degrees.


New Extra-wide body cabin


Natural light elevates your mood and enlarges your perspective. The 28 larger windows on the Falcon 6X provide unbeatable luminosity. And their tight spacing provides true panoramic views.

The Falcon 6X also has the first ever skylight in a business aircraft, providing valuable light to normally dark entrance and galley areas.


New Extra-wide body cabin


In today’s world, connectivity isn’t a perk; it’s a necessity. The 6X cabin will make you feel like you’re in your own home or office. It features Dassault’s highly innovative cabin system, which provides you with fingertip control using your personal devices for all cabin management and entertainment functions. Our iPhone® app allows you to control lighting, volume level and entertainment options, right from the palm of your hand.


The 5,500 nm Falcon 6X


Source: https://www.dassaultfalcon.com/en/Aircraft/Models/6X/

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