Spike Aims for Stage 5-compliant Supersonic Bizjet


Spike Aerospace, which is developing the 18-passenger S-512 supersonic business jet (SSBJ), said it shares “critically important” concerns raised in recent reports regarding the potential impact of supersonic flight on the environment. In fact, the company is aiming for its low-boom Mach 1.6 aircraft to meet stringent Stage 5 engine noise and emissions regulations.

“It is completely unacceptable to advance technology or transportation at the detriment of the environment or the community,” said Spike Aerospace CEO Vik Kachoria. “That is simply irresponsible.”

Thus, the company said it promises to minimize emissions and maximize the fuel efficiency and economy of its S-512 design, as well as reduce noise around airport zones. “We welcome discussions with environmental groups to understand concerns and considerations important to them,” Kachoria added. “We will be working with those groups, engine manufacturers, airports, and the regulatory bodies to assess potential impact—both positive and negative.”

He concluded, “Our hope is that before environmental groups lobby the Senate to ban supersonic flight, they seek to understand more about what Spike Aerospace and our competitors are doing to minimize the impact. Before banning supersonic flight, let’s talk first.”

The Boston-based company intends to have the S-512 flying by early 2021, with customer deliveries starting in 2023.


Source: Business Aviation News | Aviation International News

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