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The 2019 Hyundai Veloster coupe has been recalled to fix door latches that could open in the event of a crash. The fault was discovered during crash testing. 

Hyundai said Thursday that 12,438 Velosters are part of the recall, which will begin June 14. At fault are bad door latch housings and locking cables that could cause the driver’s door to swing open during a side-impact crash. With the door open, the driver could be ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash, which subsequently increases the risk of serious injury.

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Hyundai will instruct its dealers to install new door latch assemblies, locking cables, and lower channel components. The new latch assembly and locking cable have been redesigned and the lower channel has been designed to prevent interference.

The Veloster features a conventional door on the driver’s side and a front-hinged passenger-side door paired with a rear-hinged door for access to the rear seat. The recall affects only the driver’s door. 

The automaker said the insurance industry-funded IIHS actually discovered the issue its barrage of crash tests. The IIHS notified Hyundai, which began its own investigation. Hyundai said in government filings that it is not aware of any injuries related to the faulty door latches. The IIHS has not released its crash-test ratings for the 2019 Veloster. 


Source: thecarconnection.com

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Ginette Beaulieu is a professor of painting since 1979. She has shown an interest in various mediums but she prefers to use charcoals and oils.
She studies the old techniques and integrates in its art the use of the natural pigments and the oils elutriated while undertaking a search deepened on the technique of the funds.

Since 1981, she takes part in different exposures, as much collective than solo. The public can admire its works in several galleries, from Quebec, Montreal throughout Bay Saint-Paul.


Source: tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica

Ginette Beaulieu was born in Amgui- Quebec in 1954. She loves to use various medium of painting but her favorites are charcoal and oils. Since 1979, she is working as a professor in painting. She integrates use of natural pigments and oils with old techniques in her paintings. Her works are collected by various art galleries and art collectors from Quebec, Montreal throughout Bay Saint-Paul. 

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The first time we reported on the XTI TriFan 600 aircraft was in 2017. Since then, the vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) aircraft has continued to develop and recently concluded its first hover test.

On May 8, 2019, XTI Aircraft announced it successfully completed the first test flights of its XTI TriFan 600 VTOL aircraft with a 65% scale prototype. The test flights were conducted in Placerville, California. According to the press release:

“The TriFan 600 prototype completed multiple takeoffs, hover, and landings, which tested and validated the electric motors, battery power system, ducted fan propulsion, flight controls, other electrical systems and instrumentation. The aircraft was on a short tether during the tests due to its location at an airport in northern California where it was constructed. Future flights at a certified UAV test facility will be untethered in hover and will also test forward, wing-borne flight, as well as the transition phase between vertical and forward-flight modes.”



The XTI TriFan 600 is a 6-seat, hybrid-electric, fixed-wing airplane with 3 ducted fans. The fans lift the aircraft from vertical takeoff up to 340 kt (630 km/h) in cruising speed with a range of 650 nm (750 miles, 1,200 kilometers). While these last numbers are only in its VTOL formation, a straight runaway operation pushes the performance up to 1,200 nm (2,200 km, 1,380 miles).

The final XTI TriFan 600 aircraft design will measure 37.7 ft (11.5 m) of wingspan with a length of 38.7 ft (11.8 m). The 6 ft (1.8 m) diameter propellers on the 2 wings will develop 350 hp (260 kW) electric motors (two of them). Two 5 ft (1.5 m) diameter co-axial ducted propellers are in the aft fuselage, with one motor for each propeller.


Source: https://cleantechnica.com/2019/05/13/xti-trifan-600-air-taxi-completes-first-successful-hover-tests/

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Statue of Neferhotep I from the Faiyum. Middle Kingdom, 13th Dynasty, ca. 1803-1649 BC. Now in the Archaeological Museum of Bologna.

Source: egypt-museum.com


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