Daher TBM 940


The Autothrottle integrated system automates the engine power control and monitoring. In addition to an innovative single lever control decreasing the workload for the pilot as it allows new Auto Pilot modes especially in speed control. The autothrottle improves performance, safety and protects the engine.

The TBM 940 is the first turboprop equipped in the world with full auto-pilot integration.



From a choice of most praised sets of distinguished tones and noble materials, you can personalize your cabin interior and fine tune to your taste with our available customizable options.



Me & My TBM is an innovative smartphone application for TBM aircraft owners and operators. This cloud-based app leverages data automatically collected during every phase of flight, enabling pilots to enhance the TBM’s operating efficiency, ensure they are operating the aircraft to the highest safety standards, and optimize maintenance management.

POWERPLANT P&W canada PT6A-66D turboprop
  • Thermodynamic power
    1825 hp.
  • Nominal power
    850 shp.
  • Usable fuel capacity
    291 US gal.
    1,100 liters
  • Wingspan
    42.10 ft.
    12.833 m.
  • Height
    14.29 ft.
    4.355 m.
  • Length
    35.22 ft.
    10.736 m.
  • Wheel base
    9.56 ft.
    2.914 m.
  • Tailplane span
    16.36 ft.
    4.988 m.
  • Maximum cabin width
    3 ft. 11.64 in.
    1.21 m.
  • Maximum cabin length
    13 ft. 3.45 in.
    4.05 m.
  • Maximum cabin height
    4 ft.
    1.22 m.
  • Maximum volume in cabin


PERFORMANCE (ISA conditi ons, MTOW, no wind)
  • Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings
    252 KTAS
    467 km/h
  • Maximum cruise speed at 28,000 ft.
    330 KTAS
    611 km/h
  • Time-to climb to 31,000 ft
    18 min. 45 sec
  • Certified ceiling
    31,000 ft.
    9,449 m
RUNWAY DISTANCES (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, 50 ft.
obstacle clearance)
  • Takeoff
    2,380 ft.
    726 m.
  • Landing
    2,430 ft.
    741 m.
Max. range with max. fuel (ISA conditions , MTOW, no wind , one pilot,
45 min fuel reserve)
  • @ 31,000 ft.
  • 252 KTAS cruise speed
    1,730 nm
    3,204 km
  • 290 KTAS cruise speed
    1,585 nm
    2,935 km
  • 326 KTAS cruise speed
    1,440 nm
    2,666 km

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Technical Specifications

Web: tbm.aero

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