House B, Alibagh, India

Recently designed by Shobhan Kothari, this inspiring private residence is located in Alibagh, India.


Fluctuating scales, transforming spectrums of light & a color palette that dictates vitality & warmth. Casa B, an Alibag Getaway home designed by KDND STUDIO LLP is what tangible bliss is made of.

With a context eluded of the boisterousness of their Mumbai lifestyle, the client’s family entrusted the design firm with the genesis of an abode that would be an equivalent of that of a ‘Second Home’ set in the plush fringes of Alibag.

Roughly a 2 Acre site interspersed with scattered palm vegetation & a monumental mango tree, set the stage for the design premise of Casa B. A sense of intrigue builds as one navigates the driveway & is welcomed by the built form soaked in a sunny hue of yellow entwined with the element of green foliage. The built structure plays a hide & seek of sorts as its façade harbors capacious spaces indoors while simultaneously projecting a minimalistic exterior.



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