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Size: Overall: 12.1 cm (4 ¾ in.) Medium: porcelain

Source: cma-chinese-art

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Medium: oil, wood

Georges Seurat, a French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman.

Source: artist-seurat

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Daher’s HomeSafe uses an iteration of Garmin’s Autoland system. Daher/Airborne Films

French aircraft maker Daher says new TBM 940s rolling off the assembly line in Tarbes, France, will now be equipped with the HomeSafe system, which allows the aircraft to automatically locate a suitable airport and conduct an instrument approach to a safe landing should the pilot become incapacitated. The new HomeSafe system—that simultaneously received both FAA and EASA certification last week—is an iteration of Garmin’s Autoland emergency landing system. The company says new 940s already delivered this year will be upgraded at TBM service centers. HomeSafe is also available as a retrofit to earlier 940 aircraft at a cost of $85,000.

Daher says, “The system is activated manually by an easily recognizable orange button atop the cockpit instrument panel, or semi-automatically if the Emergency Descent Mode has been engaged. The [HomeSafe] software integrates weather and terrain information to select the best airport for landing taking into account aircraft fuel range and runway length. During the landing rollout, HomeSafe will simultaneously activate the landing gear and brakes and shut down the engine.”

Source: flyingmag.com

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The Grand Canal, 1875, Edouard Manet

Medium: oil, canvas

Edouard Manet, a French painter and a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

Source: artist-manet

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Citation Latitude


Powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PW306D1 FADEC-controlled turbofan engines deliver the Citation Latitude’s impressive performance.


Citation Latitude


A bold distinction of the Black Edition Interior commands attention with a strong, confident flow with handsome espresso toned veneers, luxurious satin black leather, with mesh textured embossing.


Citation Latitude


Citation Latitude

Select Your Personal Touches


Citation Latitude


The Citation Latitude flight deck, centered around Garmin™ G5000™ avionics, is designed to provide pilots with the comfort and information they need for a reliable and efficient flight.

Pilots can take command of the aircraft’s robust navigation, traffic, surveillance and communications systems with ease. In addition, the integrated flight management system provides extensive navigation and flight-planning as well as en route, takeoff and landing performance information.

Citation Latitude


Length 62 ft 3 in (18.97 m)
Height 20 ft 11 in (6.38 m)
Wingspan 72 ft 4 in (22.05 m)
Wing Area 543 sq ft (50.4 sq m)
Wing Sweep 16.3 degrees
Wheelbase 27 ft (8.23 m)
Tread 10 ft (3.05 m)

Cabin Interior

Height 72 in (1.83 m)
Width 77 in (1.96 m)
Length 21 ft 9 in (6.63 m)
Maximum Passengers 9

Baggage Capacity

Weight 1,245 lb (564.7 kg)
Volume 127 cu ft (3.6 cu m)


Maximum Ramp Weight 31,050 lb (14,084 kg)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 30,800 lb (13,971 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 27,575 lb (12,508 kg)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 21,200 lb (9,616 kg)
Usable Fuel Weight 11,394 lb (5,168 kg)
Usable Fuel Volume 1,700 gal (6,435 l)
Basic Operating Weight 18,656 lb (8,462 kg)
Useful Load 12,394 lb (5,622 kg)
Maximum Payload 2,544 lb (1,154 kg)
Full Fuel Payload 1,000 lb (454 kg)


Maximum Cruise Speed 446 ktas (826 km/h)
Maximum Range 2,850 nm (5,278 km)
Takeoff Field Length 3,580 ft (1,091 m)
Landing Distance 2,480 ft (756 m)
Maximum Operating Altitude 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Maximum Climb Rate N/A
Maximum Limit Speed 0.80 Mach (0.80 Mach)


Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Model PW306D1
Thrust 5,907 lb (26.28 kN)


Web: cessna.txtav.com/en/citation/latitude

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Source: post-impress-art

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Lovers 2, 1905, Konstantin Somov

Konstantin Somov, a Russian artist associated with the Mir iskusstva.

Source: konstantin-somov

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2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback

The 2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback electric crossover SUV earned a Top Safety Pick+ for acing all crash tests and having advanced safety features that rated “Superior,” the IIHS announced Monday. 

New for 2020, the E-Tron Sportback is as much wagon as SUV, though Audi and other German automakers are keen on calling such mashups “four-door coupes.”

Based on the Audi E-Tron SUV launched for 2019 with a 248-mile range, the E-Tron Sportback follows in the safety footsteps of the SUV with “Good” scores on all six crash tests and for its standard LED headlights. The IIHS deemed the vehicles similar enough to base the crash-test ratings on the 2019 E-Tron SUV in all-wheel drive and the Premium Plus trim. 

The driver-assist technology ranks “Superior” based on its automatic emergency braking system that comes standard. Called “Audi Pre Sense Front,” the system on the E-Tron can avoid a crash with another vehicle or a pedestrian at 25 mph, and can slow to nearly a halt at 12 mph. 

The 2019 E-Tron SUV earned similar ratings, as well as a five-star crash test rating from the NHTSA, earning it a rare, perfect 10 in our safety scorecard. (Read more about how we rate cars.) We expect the 2020 E-Tron Sportback to rate as high once it has been tested by the NHTSA. 

The 2020 E-Tron Sportback joins the Tesla Model 3 as the only electric vehicles to earn the TSP+ distinction for 2020. The Audi A6 sedan and wagon are Audi’s other 2020 models with a TSP+ award. 

Source: thecarconnection.com

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Gift of Ernest Erickson Foundation, 1988 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY Medium: Ink and opaque watercolor on paper


Source: met-asian

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Size: Diameter: 6.7 cm (2 5/8 in.); Overall: 9.5 cm (3 ¾ in.); Diameter of lid: 2.1 cm (13/16 in.) Medium: black-glazed earthenware


Source: cma-greek-roman-art

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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo

The new 911 Turbo will hit 198 mph on a long enough runway in a straight line, but it’s the Turbo’s ability to take a corner that captivates us more. The 911 Turbo rides on front 255/35R20 front tires and 315/30R21 rear tires, all of which are 10 millimeters wider than the outgoing model’s shoes. All-wheel drive is standard on the 911 Turbo, and so is all-wheel steering.

The front rotors are Thanksgiving-sized 16-inch plates that are nearly 1.5 inches thick. The rear rotors aren’t far behind: 15 inches in diameter and 1.2 inches thick. Carbon ceramic stoppers are an option with 10-piston front calipers.

More info: motorauthority.com

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Festo – BionicSwift

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Lantern House, Melbourne, Australia

Inspiring single family house located in Melbourne, Australia, redesigned and extended in 2019 by Timmins + Whyte Architects.

Lantern house extension is passively cooled in summer with the use of openable skylights, fans and louvered windows on the ground floor. The extension has been designed to play with light, it allows the space to bathe in it, or retreat from it through the remotely controlled blinds on the upper level expanses of glass. The project incorporates a large water bladder under the front verandah to water the gardens and solar panels on the roof for energy.

A shell has been formed with Matte white Colorbond cladding on a lightweight timber structure to protect the honey coloured local timber (Tasmanian oak) interior linings, windows and doors from the weather.

The house is a series of choreographed spaces with views to the outside from every angle. There is a sense of calm, like being at a day spa. It feels soft, it feels light and unfussy. The main living and kitchen now feel part of the whole site, and will evolve and change with seasons as the garden grows.⠀

Source: homeadore.com

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2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum

The modern three-row crossover SUV needs to haul a bevy of people in comfort, style, and with the latest technology. The redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander does all these things, but excels at none of them.

More info: thecarconnection.com

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A Blackberry Pie (2020)

Source: giada-rose

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Toronto | A350 Landing 4K

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Before the snow, 1920, Paul Klee

Source: artist-klee

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Park of idols, 1938, Paul Klee

Medium: watercolor, paper

Paul Klee, a Swiss-German artist with Expressionist, Surrealist, and Cubist influences.

Source: artist-klee

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The award-winning all carbon fiber DA50 RG with retractable gear, an extra-large luxurious cabin and excellent payload, powered by a 300hp Continental CD-300 jet fuel engine, will please private pilots and air charter companies alike.

The DA50 RG painted in the winner design of Diamond Aircraft’s Exterior Design Competition from Kirk Smith, Digital Artist and winner of the DA50 Exterior Design Competition.

Spectacular look and easy access through the large gull wing doors and cargo door.

The extra-large luxurious cabin will please pilots and passengers alike.

The DA50 RG comes with a standard installed Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck with standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System (Garmin GCU 476 keypad optional)

With one of the widest, most comfortable cabins in its class, the DA50 RG spoils both pilots and passengers with everything known from the twin-engine DA62: generous front seats with adjustable backrests, a 60/40 split folding three seat second row bench, easy access through the large gull wing doors and cargo door and exceptional leg, shoulder and head room. Luxury features abound throughout, including premium interiors in several styles, colors and materials, LED interior lighting and many optional features, such as removable right-hand control stick, oxygen system, electric air conditioning, TKS de-icing system, Garmin GCU 476 keypad or a built-in tablet mount.

Source: diamondaircraft.com

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