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2021 Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is a passenger-oriented minivan, with seating for 7 or 8. A hybrid powertrain on all models in the lineup assures EPA ratings of up to 36 mpg, and equipment spans from sensible and durable in base LE and XLE models to more lavish, tech-focused and leather-upholstered Limited and Platinum models. Its rival set includes the Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Kia Sedona.

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An Idle Hour, 1890, John William Godward

John William Godward, an English painter from the end of the Neo-Classicist era.

Source: john-william-godward

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Medieval Castles

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Tecnam P92 Echo MkII Enters New Era

The sporty P92 Echo handles in a familiar fashion for Cessna 150 pilots. Tecnam/Monica Castellani VFR Aviation.

Change is afoot for the light sport aircraft class as the rules governing it—and its rough equivalents in the EU—adapt to fit the future. One change lies in the EU’s last EASA Basic Regulation for lightweight aircraft, which now allows for 600 kg “ultralight” or UL aircraft (akin to an LSA’s 1,320 lb limit) to certify under each country’s separate civil aviation authority. Germany is the first of the countries under EASA to declare itself part of this “opt-out” and implementing its own technical rules, under LTFUL 2018, and publish the regulations that allow companies to certify aircraft under these rules.

Tecnam announced last week that it had secured the certification of its P92 Echo MkII two-seat airplane under the new German rules, paving the way for use in that country as well as others who recognize the German certification. The MkII version of the P92 updates the original, with an increased cabin volume, wider seats, and better seat adjustment fore and aft. There’s an optional ballistic parachute, and Garmin G3X Touch flight deck with synthetic vision and ground proximity alerts.

According to the company, in non-European countries, the P92 MkII is available in the Ultralight, US Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental categories, whereas the certified version, the P92JS, is available as the European CS-VLA. With a maximum cruise speed of 115 ktas and a Rotax 912 ULS powerplant, the P92 Echo MkII shows well amongst LSAs of the class.

Source: flyingmag.com

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CZ Loft, Milan, Italy

This chic loft situated in Milan, Italy, has been recently designed by Mingotti E Giordano.

Photography courtesy of Mingotti E Giordano

Visit Mingotti E Giordano

– by Matt Watts

Source: homeadore.com

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2020 Kia Forte GT

Get the manual. Three-word reviews don’t justify my job, but if you’re considering the 2020 Kia Forte GT, the manual can make the difference between enjoyment and aggravation. 

The 2020 Kia Forte GT is a sporty addition to the affordable compact sedan segment, which is diminishing as much as the manual transmission.

More info: thecarconnection.com

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The Black Sash, 1905, Giovanni Boldini

Medium: oil, canvas

Giovanni Boldini, an Italian genre and portrait painter who lived and worked in Paris for most of his career.

Fuente: artist-boldini

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Frederick Childe Hassam, an American Impressionist painter, noted for his urban and coastal scenes.

Source: artist-childe-hassam

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Duplex Reina Victoria, Barcelona, Spain

This amazing attic apartment situated in Barcelona, Spain, has been designed in 2020 by Meritxell Ribe.

Photography courtesy of Meritxell Ribe

Visit Meritxell Ribe – by Matt Watts

Source: homeadore.com

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV aced crash tests and can be optioned with safety equipment that mitigates crashes, earning it a coveted Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS. 

Refreshed for 2020, the luxury compact crossover SUV comes equipped with plenty of standard safety equipment, but the optional packages earned it the award. The standard automatic emergency braking pales in comparison to the stopping power of the system called “Active brake assist with cross-traffic function.” It’s part of the Driver Assistance 2 package, and it earned a “Superior” rating from the IIHS for its ability to avoid a crash entirely in the 12-mph test and to significantly reduce speed to lessen the impact with vehicles and pedestrians in the 25-mph test.

More info: thecarconnection.com

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Oinochoe (Pitcher), Ancient Greek

Oinochoe (Pitcher), Ancient Greek, -325, Art Institute of Chicago: Ancient and Byzantine Art

This vase depicts a woman shown running to the right, but turning back to the left. She wears a peplos and a white sakkos (hat), snake bracelets and a necklace. She carries in her right hand a wicker-work kanoun (topped by pomegranates and what seem to be small torches), as well as a fillet and a rosette wreath over her forearm. In her left hand is a large fan. Below her left arm is a large, elaborate tambourine.

The Art Institute of Chicago. Size: 37.4 × 13.9 × 13.9 cm (14 3/4 × 5 1/2 × 5 1/2 in.) Medium: terracotta, decorated in the red-figure technique


Source: aic-ancient

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