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2021 Genesis G80

The 2021 Genesis G80 puts to rest any doubts about whether Hyundai’s luxury brand deserves to sit alongside Germany’s heritage brands. Like Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi built their reputations for performance and refinement on the backs of their sedans, and carried it over into more diluted pools teeming with crossover SUVs.

The redesigned mid-size sedan shares a platform and many parts with the winning 2021 Genesis GV80, the brand’s first SUV. It evolves from an impressive but cautious sedan that helped launch the luxury brand from Hyundai in 2016 into a gorgeous fastback sedan with a supremely refined interior loaded with advanced technology.

More info: thecarconnection.com

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Vintage: Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Biografía: Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) | Vogue

Biography: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilyn_Monroe

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Gulfstream Leadership Looks Forward to 2021

The fifth G700 flight-test aircraft flew in late October, reaching its maximum operating speed of 0.935 Mach on its first flight. Gulfstream Aerospace

“There are a lot of new buyers in the marketplace,” said Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream Aerospace. That observation explains the positive outlook maintained by the leadership team at the business aviation OEM—in spite of a soft second quarter and the ongoing prospects of unease in the economy into 2021. The pandemic has taken—in upsets to the company’s supply chain as well as its own operations as it has navigated the year—but it has also given back in other ways.

Burns noted that the dramatic change in the playing field during 2020 has acted as “an accelerant for new businesses” with their accompanying need to travel, and to meet with customers and suppliers. And enough of these new entrants to the marketplace have turned to business aviation as a solution to start making up for other losses in the corporate aviation world.

More info: flyingmag.com

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Diego A. Maradona (1960-2020)

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The Sky in Every Room

Located in the historic centre of Fossano, Italy, this inspiring attic apartment has been redesigned in 2015 by Chiara Armando.

Special mention for this project received in January 2017, at the side of the great names of Italian Architecture, such as Michele De Lucchi (AMDL), Alfonso Femia (5 + 1), Mario Cucinella and Matteo Thun, for the competition “Architettura in Legno ” organized by Lingus, the Italian National Association of Prefabricated Wooden Houses and IN / ARCH – National Institute of Architecture, to reward the best wooden architecture produced in Italy in the last 10 years.

Respect for the context, environmental sustainability, structural lightness, “zero bills” management were the objectives.

A new volume in green building in class A +, compact outside, fragmented inside, which tastes of light, but also of spaces obtained and optimized, under the big roof with exposed frame.

Source: homeadore.com

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We Fly: RV-14A Full Performance

The RV-14A can just about keep up with its larger sibling, the RV-10, despite the differences in horsepower. Van’s Aircraft.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning: The Van’s Aircraft RV-14A is not an off-the-shelf airplane. Every one of them out in the wild is custom-built.

Even its recommended 210 hp Lycoming Thunderbolt XIO-390 engine is hand-assembled, polished and ported by a select team of Lycoming employees. And the “A” denotes a nosewheel version, with the tailwheel model being the RV-14.

Every airplane that has ever been graced by the Van’s moniker is essentially a one-off, again by design.

More info: flyingmag.com

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2021 Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra compact sedan has traditionally stood out for its value and not much else. Previous generations of the car were among the most understated vehicles on the road, devoid of style or clear identifying details. I tried to picture an Elantra from before 2010 and I drew a big blank, but to my surprise the car has been around for almost 30 years.

But the redesigned 2021 Elantra is anything but anonymous, with a flashy new bod and cutting-edge technology that stands out in a competitive but diminishing field. Along with that, the seventh generation Elantra maintains its excellent value proposition. On top of the expanded set of features, there is improved fuel economy (with and without the hybrid model), and that killer 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty and 3-year/36,000-mile complimentary maintenance.

Source: thecarconnection.com

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Badari Residence, Bengaluru, India

The Badri residence located in Bengaluru, India, is a contemporary house designed on a typical tight knit urban plot measuring 2,400 sq ft.

The client requirement was further distinguished into two kinds of spaces. Spaces that needed to be personal and intimate verses spaces that needed to be congregational in nature which encouraged interaction amongst family and friends. The building’s exterior and interiors was conceptualized as an assemblage of a series of episodes that seek ‘delight’ through architectural effects.

Source: homeadore.com

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The Vengeance of Venus, 1908, Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis, a French painter and writer whoes theories contributed to the foundations of cubism, fauvism, and abstract art.


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Stephan Abel Sinding (1846-1922) was a Norwegian-Danish sculptor. He moved to Copenhagen in 1883 and had his breakthrough the same year. In 1890 he obtained Danish citizenship. In 1910 he settled in Paris where he lived and worked until his death in 1922.

Stephan Abel Sinding was born in Trondhjem as a son of mining engineer Matthias Wilhelm Sinding (1811-1860) and Cecilie Marie Mejdell (1817-86).

Stephan Sinding – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephan_Sinding

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Designed in 2013 by Arkitito Arquitetura, this amazing brick house is situated in the mountains between São Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil.

The view of the lake was the main point of the project. Three floors creating movement inside this large glass box and sloping roof.

The house mixes modern moments and elements of old houses creating an unconventional dialogue between them. A metallic structure allowed large spans and gave a monumental scale to a house with a chalet atmosphere.

Photography courtesy of Arkitito Arquitetura

Visit Arkitito Arquitetura – by Matt Watts

Source: homeadore.com

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Ancient Egypt

“From the Neolithic cave paintings in Wadi Sura—created when the region was still savannah grassland, not desert—to the Valley of the Kings, the funerary mask of Tutankhamun, and the rock-cut temples at Abu Simbel, Ancient Egypt takes a colorful look at the surviving wonders of Egyptian antiquity. Their legendary beauty and scale draw millions of visitors to the country’s monuments each year. 

Arranged by region, this photographic guide explores ancient settlements on the banks of the Nile, vast temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor, and, of course, the pyramids and the Sphinx. Alongside the world-famous sites are also fascinating, lesser-known places, such as the Step Pyramid of Djoser and the Statue of Khaefre. Expertly written text reveals how ancient Egypt developed its trade links and became such a powerful, wealthy force across North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean.”

— Ancient Egypt (Visual Explorer Guide), by Peter Mavrikis

Source: egypt-museum.com

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LRVO House Extension, Nantes, France

This contemporary extension to a single family house located in Nantes, France, has been designed in 2020 by Collectif Vous.

In the Preux district, on the edge of Saint-Herblain, France, 1980’s identical houses line up, only distinguished by their pale colors. Carefully placed above the garage, the LRVO extension takes advantage of the orientation of the plot and extends the house toward the road, facing west.

A simple, one-piece volume, radically wrapped in wood cladding, on the walls as well as on the roof, dialogues with the pavilion. Like a sketch of an archetypal house, this new living space is part of the existing building through a fine dialogue with the current roof slopes. Delicately placed on the garage, the project contrasts in its materiality, without however erasing the particular geometry of the pavilion which supports it.

Source: homeadore.com

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