TBM 960

Taking maximum advantage of today’s turboprop technology, the TBM 960 provides high efficiency for more sustainability. Its digitally-controlled turboprop engine enables the pilot to use precise settings in flying with maximum efficiency. Daher’s recommended cruise setting for the TBM 960 lowers fuel consumption to 57 U.S. gallons per hour at a fast cruise speed of 308 kts.

TBM 960 is equipped with the GWX 8000 – an advanced Doppler radar with automatic threat analysis. This all-digital weather radar uses StormOptix™ analysis to automatically adjust antenna sweep patterns to accurately profile weather cells. Advanced surveillance features include lightning and hail prediction, turbulence detection, zero blind range for close-in returns and ground clutter suppression.


Pratt & Whitney Canada
PT6E-66XT turboprop

Thermodynamic power1,844 hp

Nominal power850 hp

Usable fuel capacity292 U.S. gal / 1,106 liters


Height14.29 ft / 4.35m

Length35.22 ft / 10.74 m

Wingspan42.10 ft / 12.83 m

Source: tbm.aero

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