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Enjoy the business-class like feeling of the spacious DA50 with the largest cabin of any single-engine piston airplane. Pilots and passengers go farther with exceptional fuel efficiency, and remarkable handling characteristics. Travel in luxurious comfort and style.

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The DA50 line offers the widest, most comfortable and luxurious cabin in its class. It spoils pilots and passengers alike, with an extra-large cabin, generous and adjustable seats with wedge integrated seat extensions, larger headrests, tablet mount, adjustable and easy plug sun visors for pilot and co-pilot, dual headset plugs for first and second row, removable control sticks (your co-pilot will probably love it), Garmin keypad GCU integration and optional belt extensions.




“The DA50 is the most modern, most efficient single-engine piston aircraft with the widest body and highest payload you can choose today. The perfect aircraft for the demanding pilot who wants to go far without cargo restrictions. A benchmark in luxury, comfort and economy in General Aviation.”

Christian Dries, CEO and Owner Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH


Preliminary Technical Specifications

DA50-V (5 seat 260hp prototype version April 2017) Preliminary Facts & Figures


Dimensions / mass / loading

Length 9.00 m 29 ft 6 in
Height 2.86 m 9 ft 5 in
Wing span 13.41 m 44 ft
Seats 5 5
Empty weight 1,230 kg 2,712 lbs
MTOM 1,800 kg 3,968 lbs
Payload 570 kg 1,256 lbs
Fuel capacity 189 lt 50 US gal
Consumption at 50% 25.8 lt/h 6.8 US gal/h
Max. Speed (14,000 ft, MCP) 320 km/h TAS 173 kts TAS
Max. Operating Altitude 6,096 m 20,000 ft

Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft (260hp DA50-V 5-seat prototype version April 2017), if not otherwise stated. The above data are approximate specifications and may change without notice.


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Diamond Flight Training Platform


 From ab initio through commercial single and multi IFR, Diamond Aircraft has your training needs covered! Flight training is a business and your aircraft are your business tools. They need to meet the mission, be safe and generate maximum margins. Choosing the right aircraft for your training organization is a critical decision.

How do you choose the most suitable aircraft for your business when there is no single airplane that can do “everything”? The answer is simple: go with the only manufacturer that offers a complete, cost-effective fleet of modern training airplanes – Diamond Aircraft. You’ll be in good company, many leading flight schools, such as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, CTC, Turkish Airlines or the French and US Air Force, decided to train with Diamonds.


Diamond Flight Training Platform


The transition of pilots from trainer aircraft cockpits to the modern airline environment has always been a training challenge. Diamond’s DA42 and DA40, both equipped with glass cockpits, have brought the opportunity to introduce contemporary computerized avionics from the beginning of airline pilot training.


Diamond Flight Training Platform


Student pilots are enabled to develop the right psychomotor, cognitive, strategic and tactical skills which can then be easily transferred into the cockpit of an airliner.


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