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Casa Balboni, Venice, Italy

Casa Balboni originally designed by Carlo Scarpa has been redesigned in 2020 by Map Studio. The house is situated in Venice, Italy.

Towards the end of 2017 we were commissioned to restore Balboni’s House by Carlo Scarpa in Venice. His work is announced on the front facing the garden with a prominent reinforced concrete avant-corps, which encloses the entrances to the house.

On the ground floor, the spacious living room reveals the whole width of the house and overlooks the terrace on the Grand Canal, most of all the floorings are in Prun stone slabs with strips of Lasa marble in good conditions. All the walls and ceilings of the house, apart from those of the service areas on the ground floor, were originally finished with ivory-white Venetian-style stucco lucido.

Source: homeadore.com

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Single Family House in Montras, Spain

This amazing single-story house located in Montras, Spain, has been recently designed by Dom Arquitectura.

Photography by Arquitectura Jordi Anguera

Visit Dom Arquitectura – by Matt Watts

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Attico a Melide, Switzerland

This stunning penthouse apartment located in Switzerland, has been recently designed by Pietro Corcione.

Photography courtesy of Pietro Corcione

Visit Pietro Corcione – by Matt Watts

Source: homeadore.com

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Hill Cubes, Greek island of Antiparos

This modern summer house located on the Greek island of Antiparos, has been recently designed by Alias Architects.

The design process aims at the harmonious coexistence of the building with the local natural environment, but also at the integration of the quality characteristics of the landscape in the architectural body of the building. The basic volume of the house is divided into smaller ones, which vary in size and height, depending on their use, are arranged facing south, in a way that intermediate courtyards are created, while allowing the light to pass through all areas of the house. We were led to this particular design choice as we consider that life in Greece, especially during the summer months is eminently intertwined with the countryside and the courtyard, one of the main elements of the anonymous Cycladic traditional architecture.

The entrance to the house is from the street level through a vertical staircase which follows the topography of the site, while all living areas are on the same level with small height changes, thus creating either surveillance platforms or degraded more protected areas.

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Holiday Retreat F 24, Cape Town, South Africa

This luxurious holiday retreat located in Cape Town, South Africa, has been designed in 2019 by Renato Graca.

This uniquely designed home provides a luxurious holiday retreat for European clients during the summer months. It features fluent open plan living that blurs the transition from outside to in. Situated on a steeply sloped site, sophisticated engineering solutions allow the house to nestle into the mountain creating exposed earth walls internally reinforcing the connection to the landscape.

Full height glazing provides unobstructed views of Camps Bay and the Indian Ocean. The clients requested a streamlined and minamilist design that takes full advantage of the spectacular site.

Photography courtesy of Renato Graca

Visit Renato Graca – by Matt Watts

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Apartment XVI, Paris, France

Designed in 2018 by Studio Razavi Architecture, this chic apartment is situated in Paris, France.

Across the street from the Luxembourg gardens, the building sits inside a 17th century hotel particulier courtyard. Man Ray, Hemingway and Jacques Prévert all lived across the street.

The apartment belongs to a French American couple and this is their Parisian home. Our brief was to transform the place into a warm & contemporary Parisian apartment and allow as much flow between each room.

All windows face West so capturing this (rare) lateral natural lighting from one room to the next was key.

The brief also required to provide multiple opportunities to show an eclectic art collection, ranging from antiquities to contemporary works.

Photography courtesy of Studio Razavi Architecture

Visit Studio Razavi Architecture – by Matt Watts

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Casa D, Ragusa, Italy

This contemporary home located in Ragusa, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by DFG Architetti Associati.

Photography by Marcello Bocchieri

Visit DFG Architetti Associati – by Matt Watts

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The Sky in Every Room

Located in the historic centre of Fossano, Italy, this inspiring attic apartment has been redesigned in 2015 by Chiara Armando.

Special mention for this project received in January 2017, at the side of the great names of Italian Architecture, such as Michele De Lucchi (AMDL), Alfonso Femia (5 + 1), Mario Cucinella and Matteo Thun, for the competition “Architettura in Legno ” organized by Lingus, the Italian National Association of Prefabricated Wooden Houses and IN / ARCH – National Institute of Architecture, to reward the best wooden architecture produced in Italy in the last 10 years.

Respect for the context, environmental sustainability, structural lightness, “zero bills” management were the objectives.

A new volume in green building in class A +, compact outside, fragmented inside, which tastes of light, but also of spaces obtained and optimized, under the big roof with exposed frame.

Source: homeadore.com

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Badari Residence, Bengaluru, India

The Badri residence located in Bengaluru, India, is a contemporary house designed on a typical tight knit urban plot measuring 2,400 sq ft.

The client requirement was further distinguished into two kinds of spaces. Spaces that needed to be personal and intimate verses spaces that needed to be congregational in nature which encouraged interaction amongst family and friends. The building’s exterior and interiors was conceptualized as an assemblage of a series of episodes that seek ‘delight’ through architectural effects.

Source: homeadore.com

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Designed in 2013 by Arkitito Arquitetura, this amazing brick house is situated in the mountains between São Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil.

The view of the lake was the main point of the project. Three floors creating movement inside this large glass box and sloping roof.

The house mixes modern moments and elements of old houses creating an unconventional dialogue between them. A metallic structure allowed large spans and gave a monumental scale to a house with a chalet atmosphere.

Photography courtesy of Arkitito Arquitetura

Visit Arkitito Arquitetura – by Matt Watts

Source: homeadore.com

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LRVO House Extension, Nantes, France

This contemporary extension to a single family house located in Nantes, France, has been designed in 2020 by Collectif Vous.

In the Preux district, on the edge of Saint-Herblain, France, 1980’s identical houses line up, only distinguished by their pale colors. Carefully placed above the garage, the LRVO extension takes advantage of the orientation of the plot and extends the house toward the road, facing west.

A simple, one-piece volume, radically wrapped in wood cladding, on the walls as well as on the roof, dialogues with the pavilion. Like a sketch of an archetypal house, this new living space is part of the existing building through a fine dialogue with the current roof slopes. Delicately placed on the garage, the project contrasts in its materiality, without however erasing the particular geometry of the pavilion which supports it.

Source: homeadore.com

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Infinite Blue Villa, Mykonos, Greece

Designed in 2012 by Mykonos Architects, this traditional greek villa is located in Pouli, on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Photography by Andreas Bekas

Visit Mykonos Architects

– by Matt Watts

Web: homeadore.com

Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The island has an area of 85.5 square kilometres (33.0 sq mi) and rises to an elevation of 341 metres (1,119 feet) at its highest point. There are 10,134 inhabitants according to the 2011 census, most of whom live in the largest town, Mykonos, which lies on the west coast. The town is also known as Chora (i.e. the Town in Greek, following the common practice in Greece when the name of the island itself is the same as the name of the principal town).

Source: wikipedia.org

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House in Sydney, Australia

Located close to North Sydney, this contemporary two-storey house was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

In a conservative residential pocket close to North Sydney, a workers cottage perches on top of a hill looking south-east towards striking views of Sydney Harbour. The idea behind the design was to retain the existing character of the cottage to the front – its low slung and strong horizontal lines – and place a more contemporary two storey addition at the back behind the ridge. The new upper level is fully clad with CNC routed plywood shutters, it pierces the ample roof plane to the front of the house with a wide dormer window that is curved at the corners.

Internally, the skill of Associate Architect, Sean Johnson and Interior Designer, Romaine Alwill has successfully married the old and the new: polished concrete and the existing dark timber floors, oversized glass sliding windows and the original leadlight sashes. A semi-transparent perforated black steel staircase cascades down through the centre of the house, from an openable skylight in the roof to the ground floor, allowing generous amounts of light to bathe the entrance hall.

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Summer Mood House

This beautiful single family house located in Barcelona, Spain, has been designed in 2020 by Egue Y Seta.

Traveling is always fun, but maybe, in this house, “staying home”, isn´t so bad after all. The sunbed, the palm tree, the cocktail and the pool dips were never so close to the living room; and here, the “all inclusive” includes everything that might come out of that fabulous live-in Kitchen, its wine celler or the outdoor barbecue towards the south end of the yard. In this home, the one thing you´ll still miss compared to an authentic holiday, might only be the suitcases or the jetlag (and that can be easily fixed)…If you prefer, we might also say it in a foreign language so to help you set yourself in #SummerMode.

Photography by VICUGO FOTO

Source: homeadore.com

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Bicton, located in Perth, Australia, was created by Ritz Exterior Design.

The stunning landscaping is only enhanced by the spectacular views from its terrace over the adjacent river.

The front landscape leading to this stunning riverside property is a both a bold statement and an entertaining conceptual space that’s fun and inviting without dominating the architecture of the house.

The cantilevered structures form a repeating L-shape that’s visible from the balcony. Rather than a solid wall, laser cut screens soften the fence and brighten the facade.

At the rear of the property, open angles and humble design ensure that the grand view of the Swan River is allowed to take centre stage. Organised as a series of tiered spaces, visitors to the rear garden walk first past the alfresco dining space and into a private oasis – an outdoor fireplace surrounded by built-in seating. Below this, the pool and spa area leads to a large timber deck overhanging the cliff, offering a stunning uninterrupted view over the river.

A strong connection to the house was a key consideration in the design of the garden Water provides a thematic link from the front of the house through to the view across the river. A suspended ‘bridge’ deck that sits over the main water feature brings the movement of the water into the house. Though steps were required to provide access to the tiers of the design, limited steps between each space were used so as not to cut off any of the areas from each other.

The planting is deliberately subdued, low maintenance and water conscious. Lomandra Tanika and Seascape are used as a mass planting grass beneath the striking formal silhouettes of Ornamental Snow Pears. Raised planter beds along the southern boundary at the front of the property feature the brilliant orange flowers of Leucospermum cordifolium, complementing the lone Banksia tree – an enduring and wind resistant plant.


Source: homedsgn.com

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This modern house, located in Sydney, Australia, was designed by Rolf Ockert in 2017. All homes haves a particularly beautiful area that ends up being our favorite part of the house. The favorite of this house is, without a doubt, its backyard.

The entire space was created with the intention of providing relaxation and enjoyment. Just one look, and we can see the intimate care with which this area was designed.



The beautiful spaces include a resting area, which incorporates comfortable chairs that surround a chimney. This will surely come in handy on a cold evening, allowing us to enjoy the space in comfort.

There is also the infinity pool, which tempts us to dive right in.

The exterior is designed with glass walls from which sheets of wood hang at varying levels, creating a nice contrast in the design between the two materials.


Source: homedsgn.com

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Privacy is at the center of this 354.0 square meter home built by Land & Houses Public Co. in Thailand. Typically, custom homes are constructed without consideration for the relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

All too often, there isn’t a flow between the interior and exterior of the home. Or, when flow is attempted through creating openness, privacy issues arise. In this case, the architects sought to remedy this issue by applying modern design principles to bring the indoors and the outdoors together without sacrificing privacy. By bringing in nature, they were able to find a perfect balance.



The open plan concept of the living area offers a panoramic view of the garden, while bringing plenty of natural light and ventilation into the space. It is smartly furnished with a modern chandelier , a contemporary swivel chair , cozy sofa, and square coffee table. Curves and angles blend together perfectly in the furnishings.


Source: home-designing.com

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Cape Town-based studio COA has designed the Villas Suluwilo on Vamazi Island, Mozambique.

Located on a two acres lot, the private resort features four villas, each with private deck and exclusive beach front access to take full advantage of the spectacular sunsets and sea views.


Sleeping up to fourteen people the villas are perfect for larger family groups, friends travelling together or for individuals wanting their own private hide-away.

A spectacular drawing room, a dining room and hardwood decks surrounding the salt water plunge pool offer a variety of options for eating, drinking and just being “Vamizi style.”

For more information about these very exclusive private villas, visit Vamizi Island website.


Source: homedsgn.com

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