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A new immersive, 360-degree, ultra-high-definition visualization allows viewers to view the center of our Galaxy as if they were sitting in the position of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole (Sgr A*). By combining supercomputer simulations with Chandra data, the visualization shows the effects of dozens of massive stellar giants with fierce winds blowing off their surfaces in the region covering a few light years surrounding Sgr A*.

Blue and cyan represent X-ray emission from hot gas with temperatures of tens of millions of degrees, while the red emission shows ultraviolet emission from moderately dense regions of cooler gas with temperatures of tens of thousands of degrees, and yellow shows the cooler gas with the highest densities.


Source: Chandra X-ray Observatory – NASA’s flagship X-ray telescope


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FACET – short for Future Air Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool –was such a hit when it was introduced a decade ago that NASA named it the agency’s Software of the Year for 2006. As a research tool, FACET quickly analyzes thousands of aircraft paths and displays them on a map. One of FACET’s new features is to display global flight trajectories between the continents. NASA receives data from the Official Airline Guide, which provides the departure and arrival cities, and the expected departure and arrival times.

FACET then draws a Great Circle route between the city pairs and calculates where the aircraft would be at any given time. NASA has used this capability to study the impact of global aviation emissions on the environment.

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Website: frdavid.net

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BeeGees.com The Official Website of the Bee Gees

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Source: Guillaume Laffon

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Wikipedia: Claude François (español)

Wikipedia: Claude François (french)

Wikipedia: Claude François (english)


Claude François “Le Téléphone Pleure” (1974) HQ Audio (vidéo en français)


Official Web:  claudefrancois.fr

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Meet Nuro

Kroger has announced plans to deploy an autonomous delivery vehicle test this fall. It’s all part of Kroger’s new partnership with Nuro, a robotics company based in Mountain View, California.

Web: Meet Nuro – Kroger Stories

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