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This video is an extended compilation of aircraft landings and departing at various times of day and night and in the types of weather conditions which can be encountered when spotting. Some highlights are Emirates A380 & SQ B747 Cargo landing on a wet runway with cross wind approaches starting at 8:39 & Xiamen Air United Nations B787-9 special livery at: 3:23. Please enjoy what Melbourne has to offer!

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Aerion says that it’s on track to fly the first AS2 by 2023, and it plans to build five flight test vehicles en route to certification in 2025. It’s recently secured an engine partnership with GE Aviation, and an engineering partnership with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.

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Vuelo de familiarización al Boeing 737 MAX 8, junto al Comandante Instructor Juan Altoe.

Source: MrFabio737 – YouTube

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Tradition meets cutting-edge in new cockpit instrumentation. The Primary Flight Display, a high-tech digital screen that combines many of the dials and gauges of yesteryear is getting even better due to Airbus innovation with synthetic vision.

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Taverna by the sea, Limeni, Mani, Greece


The region of Mani is located in Southern Peloponnese, and it expands in the prefectures of Lakonia and Messinia. It is an area of great history and beauty and offers visitors a variety of activities.

It’s a picturesque fishing village with excellent fish taverns and beautiful tower houses. Here you can admire the tower house of the Mavromichalis family, which played a significant role in the Greek War of Independence. The village is perfect for swimming as well. Although it doesn’t have a proper beach, a few steps are leading to the turquoise waters of the sea.


Web: https://travelpassionate.com/top-things-to-do-in-mani-peloponnese-greece/

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