Epic E1000 GX

It may be hard to imagine reaching speeds over 333 knots in a single-engine aircraft. And harder still to comprehend the thrill of a 4,000 feet-per-minute climb out. But that’s the power of a 1200-horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A engine on an optimally designed all-composite Epic airframe. Delivering speeds faster than any single-engine turboprop on the market. And performance that rivals most business jets, without jet-class costs. In fact, the E1000 GX is the only aircraft that flies over 300 knots on less than 50 gallons per hour. Fast and fuel efficient.

The E1000 GX.
Unparalleled Performance.

A remarkable clean-sheet, all carbon fiber design that delivers exceptional speed, range, payload, comfort, elegance, affordability and safety. This is what flying was meant to be.

Max Cruise Speed

333 ktas

Max Operating Altitude

34,000 ft

Rate of Climb

4,000 fpm

Max Range

1,560 nm

Useful Load

2,860 lb

Max Full Fuel Payload

1,100 lb

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Epic’s signature wing design optimizes stability, efficiency, and slow-handling characteristics. Certified in the “utility” category, the E1000 GX meets structural strength requirements that are well beyond that of any traditional metal aircraft.

The cabin design is a flawless extension of the aircraft’s sleek and elegant lines. Whether you’re sitting at the controls or relaxing in the rear, the E1000 GX ensures every seat delivers a first-class experience.

The ergonomically designed all-glass flight deck features the latest in advanced situational awareness and optimized workflow patterns, emphasizing intuitive, comfortable single-pilot flight operations. Synthetic vision displays, GPS, autopilot, along with vital traffic, weather, terrain, stall protection and engine monitoring systems, are all within easy view and reach. Mission critical flight data are strategically grouped for optimum visibility just below the glare shield to simplify operations during critical phases of flight.

MSR’s House, Montpellier, France

MSR’s House is a contemporary home located in Montpellier, France, designed in 2017 by Brengues Le Pavec.

In a popular area of the city of Montpellier, in a perfect oasis of calm and yet close to the city centre, this town house with a bucolic and asserted character has been entirely redesigned in order to recreate large interior spaces and provide the comfort required by modern living. Sensitive to the design and the excellent quality of the materials, the clients wanted to include a certain contemporaneity instead. The challenge was to integrate modernity while maintaining the charm and identity of the house.

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Victor Vasarely | French artist

Folklore, 1988. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 62 cm.

Cornic, Oil on cardboard, 51.7 x 69.8 cm (1955)

Barka-Deu, 1982. Acrylic on canvas, 192.4 x 192.4 cm.

Chokk, 1976. Acrylic on canvas, 205.7 x 190.5 cm.

TallerOr, 1968

Maamor III, 1969

Bi-Hexa, 1975, Silkscreen on paper, 54 x 44.5 cm.

Tizenne – 2, 1986, Acrylic on canvas, 190 x 130 cm.

Victor Vasarely (Hungarian/French, 1906-1997)

Biography: Victor Vasarely | French artist – Britannica

TBM 960

Taking maximum advantage of today’s turboprop technology, the TBM 960 provides high efficiency for more sustainability. Its digitally-controlled turboprop engine enables the pilot to use precise settings in flying with maximum efficiency. Daher’s recommended cruise setting for the TBM 960 lowers fuel consumption to 57 U.S. gallons per hour at a fast cruise speed of 308 kts.

TBM 960 is equipped with the GWX 8000 – an advanced Doppler radar with automatic threat analysis. This all-digital weather radar uses StormOptix™ analysis to automatically adjust antenna sweep patterns to accurately profile weather cells. Advanced surveillance features include lightning and hail prediction, turbulence detection, zero blind range for close-in returns and ground clutter suppression.


Pratt & Whitney Canada
PT6E-66XT turboprop

Thermodynamic power1,844 hp

Nominal power850 hp

Usable fuel capacity292 U.S. gal / 1,106 liters


Height14.29 ft / 4.35m

Length35.22 ft / 10.74 m

Wingspan42.10 ft / 12.83 m

Source: tbm.aero

Trullo Piccolo House Alberobello, Italy

Trullo Piccolo is a luxury resort located in Alberobello, Italy, designed by Davide Gabriele Padoa.

The owner was inspired by the silence — you can hear your heartbeat in the evening — and the sky was full of stars.

Set over 4 acres, this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home has plenty of outdoor space. It includes 1 original small trullo, 1 wooden building (10m from the trullo), 1 stone building and 1 glass building (set away from them in the garden). A 100-metre-long private road leads from the bottom of the property, with your destination visible at the top. It has been designed very geometrically and intentionally with the trulli on one side and the villa on the other.

In front of the villa and trulli is an infinity swimming pool, which measures 12×3 metres and is 1.5 metres deep. There’s also a secondary pool (7×3 metres and 1.1 metres deep) that is loved by children.

The property is designed with simple lines but within the context of the place. The property’s focal points are its olive trees and lavender, so the owner designed a glass kitchen where you feel like you are in the middle of a garden. Opposite the trulli is the outdoor dining area and a small swimming pool that’s a favourite place for children.

The property is located in a nicely contoured tract of countryside with just a few scattered trulli and no modern construction visible from the property. It is positioned between Alberobello, Martina Franca and Locorotondo, which (aside from Ostuni) are three of the most popular destinations in the region.

Photography by Britney Gill- by Matt Watts

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The fall of Icarus (detail) from the workshop of Bernard Picart, 1731

Published some prints at the same address as his father, therefore a confusion between the two is possible. Published prints by Dirk Maas.


Engraver, son of Etienne who was sometimes called ‘Picart le Romain’; specialised in book illustration, in which he was a major figure with a large output. Trained in Paris but worked in Netherlands in September 1696 – December 1698. Married in Paris 1702 with four children. After death of wife and children turned Huguenot, and left definitively for Holland in January 1710, taking his aged father with him. Settled initially in The Hague, then in 1711 in Amsterdam, where remarried in 1712. His wife henceforth acted as his agent in sales, and was notorious for the high prices she charged and for getting proofs of all his book illustrations from their publishers (see Gersaint in the Lorangère catalogue, 1744).

Source: britishmuseum.org

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 

Newer versions of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport small crossover SUV are being recalled for a software glitch that can make the engine stall at high speeds, the NHTSA disclosed Monday. 

The issue effects vehicles with a continuously variable transmission and a mechanical key instead of a push button starter. In those 2019-2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport models, software in the electronic processor of the transmission control unit can reduce the gear ratio to its lowest ratio at high speeds, resulting in a blown engine.  

Mitsubishi found that at speeds exceeding 62 mph, the engine could rev too high because of the programming error, and the high revving at high speed could damage the engine. That could result in a stall, which could result in a crash. 

Mitsubishi reported 21 field reports and 29 warranty claims, but said it was not aware of any reports of fire, injuries, or crashes. The recall encompasses 76,508 Outlander Sports. The 2011-2018 Outlander Sport has a CVT and mechanical key, and even though it’s «substantially similar» to the recalled model, Mitsubishi says it’s aware of no issues from that generation. A software change to the transmission control unit made at the beginning of the 2019 model year might have made the difference. The automaker is still investigating.  

Owners will receive notification by mail as early as Aug. 24, and will be encouraged to bring their affected vehicle to a Mitsubishi dealer for reprogramming of the transmission control unit free of charge to the owner. If vehicle work related to the recall has already been performed at the expense of the owner, the notification letter will inform owners how to apply for reimbursement. For more info, contact MMNA customer service at 1-888-648-7820 or visit Mitsubishi’s recall website

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Coudelaria, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coudelaria is a beautiful pavilion and guesthouse project in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022.

The two projects made by the Studio converged on the goal to match the magnitude of the space in which they are located and the elements that surround it. The first was the Pavilion with the leisure area, its program features a swimming pool, barbecue area, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, games area, spa, massage room, and gym; all these spaces are distributed in a functional way on an open and connected plan, ideal for meetings, according to the client’s brief – who is always receiving friends and family for celebrations.

In addition to this demand, there was also the need to design a showroom to exhibit his horses to clients, so a large garden area was planned with details in its materiality that would contribute to the protagonism of the beautiful animals and emphasize their elegance. An example are the details in Portuguese tile, which recall the owner’s origins and create a harmonious composition with the wooden wall and ceiling. The Lusitanian influences also appear in other components of the project, such as the stone walls, whose inspiration were the constructions in the Portuguese countryside, in materials such as carbonized wood, burnt cement floor, textured sand or earth painting and the romantic aspect of the landscaping, reminding the Portuguese countryside air.

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Casa BL, Cesena, Italy

Casa BL is a contemporary house located in Cesena, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Lorenzo Tappi.

In the open countryside, surrounded by orchards and framed by the hills of Cesenate, stands Casa BL, a residential building that takes the place of an old agricultural artifact.

Curated by Arch. Lorenzo Tappi, the project includes facades that aim to blend with the surrounding natural colors: painted in two different colors in order to highlight the play of volumes and shadows, they focus on coffee-brown to evoke the colors of the earth and on the brightness of white, generating a perfect play of contrasts.

The villa, enveloped in light and surrounded by the colors of the fields and orchards, has a generously sized ground floor that contains a large living room with a 65-square-meter kitchen facing south, a master bedroom with walk-in closet (15 + 8 square meters), two single bedrooms and two bathrooms. The entire interior design is played on white tones warmed by beige ones, in a mood of refined essentiality that makes the protagonist a nature that [SB1] embraces the environment through the large windows. Outside, there is a nice porch in front of the entrance of 19 sqm and a technical room of 9 sqm.

Source: homeadore.com