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This spectacular private residence was designed by Mario Gonzalez and Christina Malama of MGXM Architects and is located in Messinia, Greece. Completed in 2016, the home covers an area of 330 square meters.


















The villa is actually comprised of two different structures joined together by a patio that, in the summer, turns into the most welcoming place, with a large swimming pool in which the residents can refresh themselves on those hot, sunny days. And the magic doesn’t end there. From the cool and comforting depths of the infinity pool we can admire the sea, as well as the Peak of Taygetus Mountain in the distance.

The home’s own landscaping program is simple and sparse, with even grass that adds to the home’s sense of isolation. Farther out, the rocky landscape, so characteristic of the Greek peninsula, is visible. Farther still, the sea.

The interior of the villa is spacious and airy, allowing for the easy movement of air and light throughout the home. While the exterior still has some rustic elements, such as rugged stone walls, the interior feels a lot more contemporary. All surfaces are smooth, as in the kitchen, where rich wood and pure white formica come together in a modern space, all sitting on top of glossy polished floors.


Sudio: MGXM Αρχιτέκτονες

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Narina Lodge is an attractive lodging option when planning to visit the nature reserves of South Africa. Perched atop a canopy of 100-year old trees overlooking the Sabie River, Narina Lodge is one of a number of lodges located in the Lion Sands Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park, in South Africa.



Narina-Lodge-02 Narina-Lodge-03

Narina-Lodge-04 Narina-Lodge-05

Narina-Lodge-06 Narina-Lodge-07

Narina-Lodge-08 Narina-Lodge-09


All nine suites of the lodge are equipped with every comfort – from the elegant furnishings that decorate it, to chic lounge areas, to personal plunge pools. The way that they are designed provides both for the privacy of every guest as well as areas for them to socialize with each other, allowing all to adapt their holiday as they see fit with complete freedom.


Web: Narina Lodge – Lion Sands

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The fire of the sunset


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Sea caves of Croatia


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Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji


It is located in Taveuni, known as the Garden Island, and it is an eco-tourist’s dream with nearby nature reserves harboring an abundance of native plants and wildlife. Taveuni is the fifth-largest island in Fiji, famous for its warm, crystal-clear waters. Combining soft and hard corals, brilliant colors and diverse marine life, the diving off Taveuni Island is truly spectacular.


The island is covered in tropical rainforest, and surrounded by tropical reefs with some of the world’s best dive sites.


Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji


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