Alice & il Vino: Retro Bar in Rome’s Famous “Città Giardino”

Alice & il Vino is a delightful Bar-Bistrot-Cocktail located in the popular “Città Giardino” neighborhood in Rome. Developed by designer Gaetano de Lorenzo in 2020, the venue is full of character, combining a mix of classic materials, furnishings and wallpapers evocative of the bars-bistros of the 1920s with modern touches and open display elements.

The perfect spot for a night out, Alice & il Vino is sure to offer you an unforgettable experience!

The Alice & il Vino project brings the atmosphere of a French bar-à-vin to the popular Città Giardino neighborhood in Rome. Guests enter the venue through an outdoor space featuring seating, chairs and sofas. The left side of the room houses a large wooden cocktail-bar counter with iron stools. The opposite side holds a customized leather bench, wooden and marble tables, and reclaimed chairs.

A shaped wine bar cabinet with open shelves made of burnished iron profiles stands at the back wall. A central olive tree provides a connection and filter between the seating areas. The restaurant also includes customer services, staff area, warehouse, and a cold deli preparation laboratory.


Villa AZ, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Villa AZ is a contemporary house located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, designed in 2022 by MMA Projects.

Villa AZ is a private residence designed by MMA Projects on the exclusive Palm Jumeirah, one of the three artificial islands built off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.
With a sophisticated and essential elegance, Villa AZ stands out for its simple lines with references to the Arab style. The exteriors have been cleaned of excessive decorations and redundant elements, opting for a few high-quality materials.

As a tribute to Arab culture and to be consistent with the context in which the villa stands, some elements in bronzed metal have been added. The delicate geometric designs of the panels that adorn the façade are reminiscent of the mashrabiyya, a natural forced ventilation mechanism typical of the architecture of Arab countries.


Oh! House, Murcia, Spain

Oh! House is a modern apartment located in Murcia, Spain, designed in 2022 by Laura Ortín Arquitectura.

Can the “Mediterranean” style have a new reading? Can an urban house offer a summer atmosphere without falling into aesthetic topics?
We attended to the wishes of our clients to have a fresh, pleasant and comfortable house with very contemporary organization of rooms, materials and geometries but from our origins.

There were two entrances but we decided to cancel one of them, so the access now is in the middle of the house. Like a kind of spiral (or seashell), the house is organized around a curved center that slides you into the rooms. This route is carried out through a compressed space in an aquamarine green tone that causes an expanding effect when you “go out” to the adjoining rooms.


MSR’s House, Montpellier, France

MSR’s House is a contemporary home located in Montpellier, France, designed in 2017 by Brengues Le Pavec.

In a popular area of the city of Montpellier, in a perfect oasis of calm and yet close to the city centre, this town house with a bucolic and asserted character has been entirely redesigned in order to recreate large interior spaces and provide the comfort required by modern living. Sensitive to the design and the excellent quality of the materials, the clients wanted to include a certain contemporaneity instead. The challenge was to integrate modernity while maintaining the charm and identity of the house.


Trullo Piccolo House Alberobello, Italy

Trullo Piccolo is a luxury resort located in Alberobello, Italy, designed by Davide Gabriele Padoa.

The owner was inspired by the silence — you can hear your heartbeat in the evening — and the sky was full of stars.

Set over 4 acres, this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home has plenty of outdoor space. It includes 1 original small trullo, 1 wooden building (10m from the trullo), 1 stone building and 1 glass building (set away from them in the garden). A 100-metre-long private road leads from the bottom of the property, with your destination visible at the top. It has been designed very geometrically and intentionally with the trulli on one side and the villa on the other.

In front of the villa and trulli is an infinity swimming pool, which measures 12×3 metres and is 1.5 metres deep. There’s also a secondary pool (7×3 metres and 1.1 metres deep) that is loved by children.

The property is designed with simple lines but within the context of the place. The property’s focal points are its olive trees and lavender, so the owner designed a glass kitchen where you feel like you are in the middle of a garden. Opposite the trulli is the outdoor dining area and a small swimming pool that’s a favourite place for children.

The property is located in a nicely contoured tract of countryside with just a few scattered trulli and no modern construction visible from the property. It is positioned between Alberobello, Martina Franca and Locorotondo, which (aside from Ostuni) are three of the most popular destinations in the region.

Photography by Britney Gill- by Matt Watts


Coudelaria, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coudelaria is a beautiful pavilion and guesthouse project in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022.

The two projects made by the Studio converged on the goal to match the magnitude of the space in which they are located and the elements that surround it. The first was the Pavilion with the leisure area, its program features a swimming pool, barbecue area, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, games area, spa, massage room, and gym; all these spaces are distributed in a functional way on an open and connected plan, ideal for meetings, according to the client’s brief – who is always receiving friends and family for celebrations.

In addition to this demand, there was also the need to design a showroom to exhibit his horses to clients, so a large garden area was planned with details in its materiality that would contribute to the protagonism of the beautiful animals and emphasize their elegance. An example are the details in Portuguese tile, which recall the owner’s origins and create a harmonious composition with the wooden wall and ceiling. The Lusitanian influences also appear in other components of the project, such as the stone walls, whose inspiration were the constructions in the Portuguese countryside, in materials such as carbonized wood, burnt cement floor, textured sand or earth painting and the romantic aspect of the landscaping, reminding the Portuguese countryside air.


Casa BL, Cesena, Italy

Casa BL is a contemporary house located in Cesena, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Lorenzo Tappi.

In the open countryside, surrounded by orchards and framed by the hills of Cesenate, stands Casa BL, a residential building that takes the place of an old agricultural artifact.

Curated by Arch. Lorenzo Tappi, the project includes facades that aim to blend with the surrounding natural colors: painted in two different colors in order to highlight the play of volumes and shadows, they focus on coffee-brown to evoke the colors of the earth and on the brightness of white, generating a perfect play of contrasts.

The villa, enveloped in light and surrounded by the colors of the fields and orchards, has a generously sized ground floor that contains a large living room with a 65-square-meter kitchen facing south, a master bedroom with walk-in closet (15 + 8 square meters), two single bedrooms and two bathrooms. The entire interior design is played on white tones warmed by beige ones, in a mood of refined essentiality that makes the protagonist a nature that [SB1] embraces the environment through the large windows. Outside, there is a nice porch in front of the entrance of 19 sqm and a technical room of 9 sqm.


The House in Formentera, Spain

The House in Formentera is a traditional minimalist house on the Spanish island of Formentera, designed in 2016 by GCA Architects.

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, on the coast of Formentera, the house is the embodiment of the landscape and the slow and serene pace of life that the island promotes.

The project surges from the desire to integrate the architectural intervention with the physical environment both in composition and in colours and textures, combining linear Mediterranean architecture, minimalist principles and the island’s natural materials.

The house is a volumetric composition of stone elements and flat roofs, evoking the traditional walls of Formentera’s architecture. Made of natural dry stone with rustic wooden pergolas, the house is an extension of its surroundings. Other materials that characterise the house are micro-cement and timber, lending the home an earthy palette. The interiors are composed of made-to-measure joinery and furniture among enduring design icons. The light, the protagonist of the project, creates a play of light and shadow throughout the day that is reflected in every corner, giving the surfaces a vibrant dynamism.


LT Enerray, Bologna, Italy

LT Enerray has opened a new headquarters in BolognaItaly, designed by Acabadomate in 2021.

Manerba office solutions furnish the new headquarters of L.T. Enerray in Bologna, in a succession of spaces with different textures, materials and colors.
450sqm on two levels of a building within an office complex on the outskirts of Bologna, used as multifunctional spaces by Acabadomate, a studio founded by two Italian architects based in Barcelona, joined by interior designer Laura Muñoz.

Upstream of the project was an accurate color study to characterize each area-from the meeting room to operational workstations to relaxation areas such as lounge and shared kitchen-with specific textures and studied color combinations.

hybrid space, shared by people carrying out different activities, that satisfies extreme flexibility of use, great visual and acoustic comfort.

For the partitions, the Glass Wall System was chosen, a system of internal partitions with aluminum metal profiles (in this project in sand, coral red and midnight blue colors) of different colors that, as in this case, incorporates storage furniture and doors, selected for variety it offers in materials and finishes, unusual in office design.


Villa M, Paris, France

Villa M is a beautiful green hotel and restaurant located in Paris, France, designed in 2021 by Triptyque Architecture.

Designed by french-Brazilian Triptyque Architecture, with architectural design and art direction of the spaces signed by Philippe Starck, Villa M aims to create a new pact between cities, nature, and health.

A naturalistic manifest: this is the definition of Villa M, a mixed-use complex located in Boulevard Pasteur, in the Parisian borough of Montparnasse.

The hotel is designed as an enveloping and relaxing cocoon, with breathtaking views of the City of Light. Its 67 rooms and 6 suites have been designed as green spaces. Some of them have a balcony or terrace to admire the Montparnasse and Invalides districts. And, above all, nestled at the corner of the seventh floor, there is the Pasteur Suite: an exceptional suite with large bay windows, a double green terrace, and a living room open to the capital.


Casa AA, Monopoli, Italy

Casa AA is a contemporary apartment located in Monopoli, Italy, designed in 2021 by

An apartment that has the flavor of a country cottage.

Large windows, garden and swimming pool contribute significantly to the achievement of the initial objective, an apartment in a strategic area of the city, where you can breathe an air of the countryside.

The 360° design started already at the very first stages of construction.

The final result is a modern apartment in the forms, warm colors, which manages to have a classic aftertaste.

Photography courtesy of



Wanganui Ave Home, Auckland, New Zealand

This amazing traditional residence designed by Jessop Architects is situated in Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

Source: Jessop Architects

New Zealand (MāoriAotearoa [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]) is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu)—and over 700 smaller islands, covering a total area of 268,021 square kilometres (103,500 sq mi). New Zealand is about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) south of the islands of New CaledoniaFiji, and Tonga. The country’s varied topography and sharp mountain peaks, including the Southern Alps, owe much to tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions. New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington, and its most populous city is Auckland.

More info: New Zealand – Wikipedia

Sherlock Holmes Restaurant/Pub in London

With big budget movies and TV shows afoot, Sherlock Holmes is all the rage in London again with Holmes fans seeking a fix, hopefully not the 7 Percent Solution kind but of the amber liquid that comes in a pint. Fans of the literary mystery character must not miss throwing back an ale at The Sherlock Holmes Restaurant & Pub in London. To soak in a bit of London and Sherlockiana, have a meal with Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, or at least his many guises which adorn the walls, get a table at this long time London landmark. A few blocks from Trafalgar Square on Northumberland Street (see also Tattershall Castle Steamer Pub) around the corner from Charing Cross Station and across the street from the Old Scotland Yard.


Sydney Penthouse, Australia

Inspiring penthouse apartment designed by Missoni Home, situated in Sydney, Australia.

Studio: Missoni Home

The architecture of Sydney, Australia’s oldest city, is not characterised by any one architectural style, but by an extensive juxtaposition of old and new architecture over the city’s 200-year history, from its modest beginnings with local materials and lack of international funding to its present-day modernity with an expansive skyline of high rises and skyscrapers, dotted at street level with remnants of a Victorian era of prosperity.

Under the tenure of early nineteenth-century Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the works of Francis Greenway were the first substantial buildings for the fledgling colony. Later prominent styles were the Victorian buildings of the city centre created out of local Sydney sandstone, and the turn of the century Federation style in the new garden suburbs of the time.

With the lifting of height restrictions in the post-World War II years, much of central Sydney’s older stock of architecture was demolished to make way for Modern high rise buildings – according to Singh d’Arcy, in The Apartment House (2017), «From the 1950s onwards, many of Sydney’s handsome sandstone and masonry buildings were wiped away by architects and developers who built brown concrete monstrosities in their place. The 1980s saw uncomfortable pastiches of facades with no coherence and little artistic merit».[1] Despite this, Sydney is still home to Australia’s oldest public building, Old Government House, located in Parramatta.

Sydney’s notable new buildings were designed by the Austrian-Australian architect Harry Seidler, as well as by international architects such as Jørn UtzonJean NouvelRichard RogersRenzo PianoNorman Foster, and Frank O. Gehry throughout the 1960s up until the 2010s.

Source: Wikipedia

Broadway Loft, New York 

Broadway Loft is a lovely eclectic home located in New York City, redesigned in 2019 by Worrell Yeung.

Worrell Yeung’s Broadway Loft project consists of the gut renovation of a unit in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan’s historic Gilsey House building, originally a Beaux Arts style hotel built in 1867, for a couple and their young son. The family had lived in the apartment for nearly 14 years and had been looking to purchase a new home to solve their growing need for additional space, privacy, and storage.

After searching, however, the couple realized they owned a unique space with deep personal significance; it had been with them through multiple life-changing events, including the loss of a child. If redesigned to create more storage, enhanced access to natural light, and an additional bathroom and bedroom, it could be their ideal home—one still filled with important memories but also embodying their transitions and growth as a family.