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Middle Harbour House

Middle Harbour House is a private residence located in Sydney, Australia.

It was designed by Richard Cole Architecture.


Middle Harbour House by Richard Cole Architecture:

“A sculptural response to an exposed corner site overlooking Middle Harbour in Sydney builds on the materiality of the existing sandstone base to create a dramatic and layered form. By careful manipulation of openings the substantial house achieves a balance of privacy and outlook, light and shelter, texture and warmth. To build a house overlooking Sydney Harbour is a privilege not to be undertaken lightly.

This house strives to create a contemporary dwelling which harbours the everyday experiences, aspirations and interactions of a family and contributes to the rich context of the populated slopes and fingers of bushland that reach into the waterway. The site is exposed to two road frontages, and slopes substantially to the east.

The form responds to this dramatic corner site with a stratified assembly overlaid by a simple skillion roof that mirrors the slope of the land. The stepping form creates terraces which extend the indoor living areas to the outside, creating sheltered places of prospect. The solidity of the mass is eroded by a central double height space, allowing light to permeate through the stairwell to the lower ground floor.

The warm, substantial character of the dwelling is carefully composed by means of the clarity of detailing, a palette of tactile natural materials and the careful manipulation of light. The building aspires to beauty, substance and place making in order to provide a vessel in which a family can grow.”

Photos courtesy of Richard Cole Architecture


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This truly magnificent 4,600 sq. ft. home in Guelph’s prestigious Heritage Lake Estates community is Canada’s first certified luxury Net Zero Home. Features 9200 square feet of living space on an exclusive and private 1 acre Lot.



A net-zero energy (NZE) home is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum and includes on-site renewable energy systems that enable the home to produce at least as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.

This home is a gorgeous meld of woods and whites, taupes and creams creating an ambiance of pure luxury throughout. From ceilings that range from 20’ to 16’ to 12’, a majestic air of glamour permeates, underscored by rare accouterments like heated patios, walkways and driveway and smoked glass custom stair railings.

The main floor features a temperature controlled wine room with black pearl racking system to house 280 bottles, a 4-season room with floor to ceiling hand carved limestone fireplace and wall to wall windows, a stunning great room as well as a breathtaking master suite, 3 more bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a diva-inspired kitchen and pantry as well as automatic blinds on all windows.

A great deal of effort was put into the design and engineering of this home in keeping with classic Claxton + Marsh design for maximum curb appeal. The last thing we wanted was to have people drive by the home and say “look at that lovely environmentally friendly home”. With thoughtful, intelligent design our homeowners can enjoy the future… today.

At Claxton + Marsh, we believe this is the future of building and we are proud to help lead the way to a more sustainable environment and future.

Photography by Gillian Jackson

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– by Matt Watts


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In the busy urban centre in Pinang, Malaysia, SPARK Architects recently created the visually stunning ARTE S building, a luxury residential building that resembles a spa and pool resort, giving residents a place to escape in the middle of the city.



Located in Jalan Bukit Gambier, near the better city of George Town, this project includes a pair of tall, undulating condominium towers that boast 460 residential units between them. The taller tower of the two is stands 180 metres tall and can be seen off the island from the mainland clearly in the distance.



Bukit Gambir is a lush topical mountain located right at the heart of Pengang Island, which lies off the Western coast of Malaysia. The towers are incredibly unique in the way their facade undulates at each layer. This lovely effect was intended to mimic the dramatic topography of the land surrounding the buildings, which varies between steeply rising hillsides and low coastlines.



Besides just undulating, the towers also appeared layered where the balconies sit. This mimics the mountainous landscape as well, with the graduated terrace effect mirroring the gradient of the rock faces. This effect was achieved using a construction technique called elliptical floor plating, which builders augmented with an added waveform birse-soleil that very carefully, subtly, and precisely rotated each floor a particular degree to give the buildings their twisted appearance.



Besides looking amazing in themselves, the towers are built with the intention of offering the best view of the ocean that one can find anywhere on the island. The taller of the two climbs 50 storeys high, while the shorter rises only 32. In each one, the penthouses at the top are sculpted from the final three floorplates.



On the very top of the highest tower sits a sky garden that incorporates two pebble-form recreational “resident club” pods. In the larger one, up to 60 people can be accommodated for events while the smaller hanging pod is home to luxury jacuzzi. Together the two pods create a wonderfully dramatic visual fro, the ground that acts as a signature for the building while also providing residents with an unparalleled view of George Town and the Straight of Pengang.



Inside, the units are entirely designed for flexibility and tropical living. They are open concept with no beams or poles, meaning they can be arranged in any way and at any time. The units are also specifically designed to bring in light and air naturally, eliminating the need for air conditioning and thereby saving hydro costs. In the common areas, the spaces are naturally ventilated and day-lit as well.



Of course, the pools at the base of the towers are an immediately noticeable primary feature. Their clear blue water attracts the eye and gives off a stunning reflection that mirrors the undulating visual motion of the buildings, enticing just about anyone who sets eyes on them and letting calming shapes set the atmosphere.

Photographs by LinHo


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This lively apartment is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, USA.

The home has an extensive portion of it dedicated to the outdoors, with a spectacular and lushly vegetated roof terrace.



Photos by: Bruce Buck

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In the heart of London, England, innovative designer Marta Nowicka has created The Gouse, a lovely three story residence that stands on the site of a former garage in Dalston.


On the basement floor, guests will encounter a beautiful wood burner that adds to the already shed-inspired atmosphere of The Gouse’s decor. This burner creates a nostalgic warmth and smoky scent that reminds one of burning autumn leaves.

Photographs by Voytek Ketz

Source: homedsgn.com

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Named after a local flower, the tropical Mirihi Island Resort offers beachfront or water villas with free WiFi in the rooms and the property in Maldives’ South Ari Atoll. It features 3 dining options and clear waters with beautiful coral reefs.



Mirihi Island Resort is 53 mi from Male International Airport. Via seaplane, it is a 30-minute journey from the airport to the resort.

Duniye Spa features relaxing massage treatments, while the fitness center is equipped with modern equipment for a good workout. Chinese newspaper is available. Water sports activities like windsurfing and sailing are available by the beach.

Dhonveli offers international and local buffet spreads, while Muraka serves fresh seafood dishes and Angus beef. Drinks may be enjoyed at Anba Bar.

This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Mandhoo! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.


Web: Booking.com: Mirihi Island Resort , Mandhoo, Maldives

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Located in Moolap, Australia, this contemporary single family house was redesigned in 2016 by Dylan Barber Building Design.



Photography by Chrissie Francis

Visit Dylan Barber Building Design

– by Matt Watts

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