Now, Honda proudly brings you to the pinnacle of engineering performance — the HondaJet.

The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light business jet. As the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, most fuel-efficient and most spacious light jet in itsclass, the HondaJet could be your dream come true.




The elegance of the HondaJet begins with the structureof the fuselage. Unlike many other jets that use aluminum, the HondaJet employs a lighter, composite fuselage made from a cutting-edge combination of co-cured stiffened panel structure and honeycomb panel structure.

This results in the optimum fuselage layout, better performanceand higher fuel efficiency.

Lightweight Structure, Heavyweight Performance Advanced fuselage design provides for a larger cabin space and greater fuel efficiency66 cubic feet of total stowage space in the aircraft’s nose and aft compartments.

Best-in-class legroom with more than seven feet of space from seat to seat in the club configuration It’s called cabin space, and the HondaJet provides more of it than any other jet in its class. But to you and your fellow passengers, it’s much more than a cabin.

It’s aworkspace, thinking space, quiet space and a relaxing space.

These are the true inspirations behind the HondaJet’s interior and why Honda designers meticulously considered every detail — from the completely adjustable executive seating to the fully private lavatory and ahost of other modern amenities.




Honda provides the highest-quality aviation training with FlightSafety ® International.
Honda is a recognized leader in personal mobility, providing products of the highest quality, safety and reliability. Honda Aircraft Company has extended these core values to aviation with the HondaJet – the world’s most advanced light jet which was designed to be safe, simple and fun to fly.




VITAL X visual systems and the highest-fidelity displays.
Experience enhanced visual fidelity while training with the realistic 200 x 40 degree Field-of-View vision with continuous global satellite high-resolution imagery.


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48 years ago today – Saturn V rocket lifting the Apollo 11 astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin) towards their manned mission to the Moon, July 16, 1969.


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This spectacular private residence was designed by Mario Gonzalez and Christina Malama of MGXM Architects and is located in Messinia, Greece. Completed in 2016, the home covers an area of 330 square meters.


















The villa is actually comprised of two different structures joined together by a patio that, in the summer, turns into the most welcoming place, with a large swimming pool in which the residents can refresh themselves on those hot, sunny days. And the magic doesn’t end there. From the cool and comforting depths of the infinity pool we can admire the sea, as well as the Peak of Taygetus Mountain in the distance.

The home’s own landscaping program is simple and sparse, with even grass that adds to the home’s sense of isolation. Farther out, the rocky landscape, so characteristic of the Greek peninsula, is visible. Farther still, the sea.

The interior of the villa is spacious and airy, allowing for the easy movement of air and light throughout the home. While the exterior still has some rustic elements, such as rugged stone walls, the interior feels a lot more contemporary. All surfaces are smooth, as in the kitchen, where rich wood and pure white formica come together in a modern space, all sitting on top of glossy polished floors.


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Comac ARJ21


The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has issued certification for serial production of the Comac ARJ21-700, meaning the manufacturer can now deliver airplanes without the need to gain a separate certificate for each example.

The approval, issued on July 9, comes some two and a half years after the airplane gained its type certificate and more than a year and a half after launch customer Chengdu Airlines took first delivery. Now flying two of the airplanes in a 90-seat configuration, Chengdu expects to receive five more of an order for 30 by the end of the year.


Comac ARJ21


Source: Aviation International News

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