The Cesnola Collection, Purchased by subscription, 1874–76 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Medium: Glass


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The eFlyer 2 taxis at Centennial Airport in Colorado on July 30. Bye Aerospace.

Most folks are quickly gaining familiarity with lithium-ion batteries as they play an ever-increasing part in our lives. However, when it comes to delivering power for an airplane, where weight is critical, they reach a limit to their utility.


That’s why George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, is excited to share the company’s latest partnership with OXIS Energy. OXIS, based in Abingdon, England, has been developing a different type of battery technology, using lithium-sulfur (Li-S) cells for the storage of energy. The cells stand to achieve a higher energy density than commensurate lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells—which translates into lower weight. “Energy density is almost twice what we have in the most current, modern lithium-ion battery,” as Bye shared with Flying magazine.


Bye Aerospace will work with OXIS to “get the battery out of the lab and onto the airplane.” He estimates that they will spend about a year or a year-and-a-half of testing and development to take the already mature technology into an operational place. The four-seat eFlyer 4 is the initial target for the new battery system, followed by future larger aircraft projects suitable for air taxi operations. While the eFlyer 2 is focused on the training market, with a 3-hour endurance and range enough for the cross-country flights towards the private pilot certificate, the eFlyer 4 aims at flying longer. In its current state of development, it’s projected to fly 200 to 300 nm, or for roughly 4 hours. With the Li-S technology, Bye sees a potential for a 7- or even 8-hour endurance. “If true,” says Bye, “it’s a gigantic technical advantage,” and will help the airplane reach its full market potential.


The eFlyer 2 will stay on course with its current development plan, agreements, and supply chain, according to a company release.


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Curious Giraffe


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Gulfstream Aerospace delivered its first G600 business jet to a U.S. customer from its facility in Savannah, Georgia, on August 8, 2019. The initial delivery marks an important milestone for the program, just one month after the FAA granted the aircraft’s type and production certification, on June 28.

Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream, called out this team effort dedicated to making the ambitious timeline in his remarks. “We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and our first G600 delivery is a prime example of that,” said Burns in a company release. “The effort put forth by our team enabled this award-winning, technologically advanced aircraft to move from certified to delivered in an extremely short period of time.”

With the ability to travel at an average speed of Mach 0.90 from Paris to Los Angeles, in an award-winning interior, the Gulfstream G600 has already established itself as true top contender in both speed and luxury. In fact, it has notched more than 10 city-pair speed records. The aircraft logged more than 100,000 flight hours in company labs—more than half of that logged in the program before its first flight—and more than 3,200 hours in flight test prior to its entry into service.


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Red Jungle


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Villa Belle is a luxurious villa in Choeng Mon Beach on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Terraces and interiors are decorate with pieces illustrating the culture of the country, while providing utter comfort and relaxation for its guests.



“Villa Belle is a spacious and luxurious über styling 3 bedroom villa, set in lush tropical surroundings on a hillside overlooking the captivating bays of Choeng Mon and Plai Laem. Designed to encompass these wide panoramic vistas of the azure Gulf of Siam and neighboring islands, Villa Belle enjoys these exquisite backdrops from any platform, within this very special residence.

Located on the much sought after north coast, the villa is a short distance to the nearby golden sands of Choeng Mon beach, rated by many as one of the most beautiful beaches on Samui. The long curvaceous bay with tantalizing turquoise waters is the perfect swimming beach, dotted with rustic Thai restaurants or more upscale eateries, like The Sala Samui. This ideal locale is further enhanced by its tranquil setting away from it all, yet in only a few minutes drive, guests can enjoy funky shops, mouth-watering restaurants and the islands main lively entertainment areas.


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The HondaJet Elite is a new version of the popular light jet that entered the market last year.Honda Aircraft Co.

The HondaJet Elite has received type certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) as deliveries in the country are set to begin later this year through HondaJet dealer Honsan General Aviation Co., Ltd.


More info:  flyingmag.com/hondajet-elite-certified-in-china

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