Airbus A380-800 of Asiana Airlines during takeoff on first ferry flight in Toulouse, France. The giant code MSN152 was the first aircraft delivered to the Korean carrier, Asiana. This picture shown us takeoff phase of the aircraft during handover ceremony back in May 2014. Airbus stated that Asiana was the 11st operator to receive Airbus A380-800 series.
While, Asiana Airlines Inc. or Asiana Hanggong or formerly known as Seoul Airlines is one of the largest Korean carrier alongside Korean Air. Asiana operates most international flights rather than domestic routes. There are about 90 international flights and only 14 domestic flights.

Currently, Asiana Airlines operating 85 fleet and increasing as its market growth. Asiana has placed firm order for eight Airbus A380s and dozens of Airbus A350 Series.


Source: avioners.net


The maiden flight or first flight of Airbus A320neo with CFM International engine variant. The maiden flight has successfully conducted on 19 May 2015 in Airbus’ headquarter in Toulouse, France. The data recorded the maiden flight spent about nearly 4,5 hours in the sky.


Source: avioners.net

Probably one of the most unique aircraft-shaped ever built, the Boeing 757-200 Catfish. This aircraft is specially built for F-22 Raptor testbed aircraft which means some of aircraft sections actually F-22’s parts so the engineers able to observe its certain sections behavior. This photo taken by Brian Lockett at Nellis Air Force Base in Southern Nevada.
Source:  avioners.net

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Source: kevinwada.tumblr.com


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