In the cockpit of the South African A340-600 from Johannesburg to Munich. Full 4 hour film at http://www.worldairroutes.com/SAA340….


Virgin Galactic’s


Virgin Galactic’s second SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, was unveiled on 19th February 2016. VSS Unity is the first vehicle to be manufactured by The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic’s wholly owned manufacturing arm. VSS Unity is currently undergoing exhaustive testing prior to entering commercial service.



Like SpaceShipOne before it, SpaceShipTwo uses a unique system to safely re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. With this system, SpaceShipTwo can mimic the performance of a capsule or of a winged vehicle at the appropriate parts of its trajectory. Each of those vehicle types on its own offers important advantages: winged vehicles provide gentle deceleration and precision landing accuracy but require extremely high precision and advanced thermal protection systems, while capsules require less precision and less advanced thermal protection, but subject astronauts to much harsher decelerations and less accurate landings. By changing its configuration in flight, SpaceShipTwo can benefit from the advantages of both types.



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Glacier Melt Stream


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Airbus Family Spirit


Get a behind-the-scenes perspective as Airbus showcases its product line of modern jetliners with an impressive formation flight, which included the A320neo, A330-200, A350-900 and A380 aircraft.


Engraving of Pandora

This is an engraving of Pandora trying to close the box that she had opened out of curiosity. At left, the evils of the world taunt her as they escape. The engraving is based on a painting by F. S. Church.

In Greek mythology, the character Pandora had a large box. It contained all the troubles of the world. When she opened the box, she let all the troubles come into the world except one – hope. The Greeks thought that hope was also very dangerous. But without hope, people were filled with despair. Finally Pandora opened the box again and let out hope as well.

~ Kate Chopin

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Red Hot Fashion


Amy Adams by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Alex White. W Magazine, May 2009.

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