Casa BL, Cesena, Italy

Casa BL is a contemporary house located in Cesena, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Lorenzo Tappi.

In the open countryside, surrounded by orchards and framed by the hills of Cesenate, stands Casa BL, a residential building that takes the place of an old agricultural artifact.

Curated by Arch. Lorenzo Tappi, the project includes facades that aim to blend with the surrounding natural colors: painted in two different colors in order to highlight the play of volumes and shadows, they focus on coffee-brown to evoke the colors of the earth and on the brightness of white, generating a perfect play of contrasts.

The villa, enveloped in light and surrounded by the colors of the fields and orchards, has a generously sized ground floor that contains a large living room with a 65-square-meter kitchen facing south, a master bedroom with walk-in closet (15 + 8 square meters), two single bedrooms and two bathrooms. The entire interior design is played on white tones warmed by beige ones, in a mood of refined essentiality that makes the protagonist a nature that [SB1] embraces the environment through the large windows. Outside, there is a nice porch in front of the entrance of 19 sqm and a technical room of 9 sqm.


Record: Nasa’s JWST finds oldest galaxy EVER seen in universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered the oldest galaxy in the cosmos.

The GLASS-z13 star cluster was formed only 300 million years after the Big Bang. This galaxy is 100 million years older than the previous oldest galaxy. GN-Z11, discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope.

2023 Subaru Ascent

The big news for Subaru for the 2023 model year is the launch of its first global electric vehicle, the 2023 Subaru Solterra. Yet, the small automaker with an outsized presence in the U.S. will cap sales here at 6,500 units in the first year. Instead of pushing its one electric car, the Japanese brand relies on the formula that has made its limited lineup so popular in the States: standard all-wheel drive, superlative safety ratings, and a reputation burnished by outdoor enthusiasts. 

The off-road-ready Wilderness trims clamber through Subaru’s most popular crossover SUVs, but the brand hasn’t abandoned its rally-car roots and performance background. Subaru’s partnership with Toyota extends beyond the BRZ sports coupe—the only Subaru without AWD—and the Solterra EV, to a rumored hybrid Forester anticipated for the 2024 model year. 

For now, most 2023 Subaru models come with more sophisticated technology and, in most cases, at least a $1,000 price increase. Here’s what’s new for the 2023 Subaru lineup, except for final details on the Forester that was refreshed last year and the WRX redesigned last year.

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The House in Formentera, Spain

The House in Formentera is a traditional minimalist house on the Spanish island of Formentera, designed in 2016 by GCA Architects.

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, on the coast of Formentera, the house is the embodiment of the landscape and the slow and serene pace of life that the island promotes.

The project surges from the desire to integrate the architectural intervention with the physical environment both in composition and in colours and textures, combining linear Mediterranean architecture, minimalist principles and the island’s natural materials.

The house is a volumetric composition of stone elements and flat roofs, evoking the traditional walls of Formentera’s architecture. Made of natural dry stone with rustic wooden pergolas, the house is an extension of its surroundings. Other materials that characterise the house are micro-cement and timber, lending the home an earthy palette. The interiors are composed of made-to-measure joinery and furniture among enduring design icons. The light, the protagonist of the project, creates a play of light and shadow throughout the day that is reflected in every corner, giving the surfaces a vibrant dynamism.


Search & Rescue…

Navigation and Orientation

Once on the trail with your safety gear in place in your pack, there are a number of ways to navigate in the wilderness to ensure that you do not get lost. Whether you want to go high-tech or low-tech, common sense comes into play. No matter what type of navigational tool used, hikers need to be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to visual clues. Try any of the following navigational tips:

Use Your Topographical Map

For hikers who plan to stay on trails and not walk cross-country, a topographical map may be all that’s needed. Know how to read the terrain via the map: “waves” on mountain ranges indicate steep elevation changes, while more spread-out lines indicate flat space.

Navigate With a GPS Unit

This is far the easiest way to navigate, provided that the owner knows how to use it. Finding one’s way with a GPS unit can be as easy as pressing a button. Ask for instruction on using your unit when buying (it’s best to purchase a GPS unit at a store specializing in outdoor equipment), and make sure to have extra batteries on hand. Always carry a map, as well, in case your GPS unit loses signal.

Orient by Compass

Go “old school” and impress your friends with your compass knowledge! Always reliable and never needing batteries, compasses take up very little room in your pack and weigh next to nothing. However, compass navigation can be complicated to learn: make sure you know how to use yours before relying on it.

You’re Lost: What Now?

In the event that a hiker does become lost in the woods, despite carrying the right gear and using navigational tools, there’s really only one rule to remember. Luckily, it’s an easy one: stay in one place. Wherever you become lost, stay there! In my many hours as a search and rescue volunteer, I participated in searches that took hours or even days… all because the lost hiker stayed on the move (while we moved after him or her). Therefore, when lost, stay put! Then take the following steps:

1. Find nearby shelter from the elements, such as a tree or rock.

2. Use your bandana to alert rescuers. Hang it on a tree branch, or wear it on your head.

3. Shine your CD if a helicopter or plane is visible. It’s remarkable how well “spotters” – rescuers sitting next to pilots – can see it!

4. Drink water.

5. Stay in one place, even through the night.

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LT Enerray, Bologna, Italy

LT Enerray has opened a new headquarters in BolognaItaly, designed by Acabadomate in 2021.

Manerba office solutions furnish the new headquarters of L.T. Enerray in Bologna, in a succession of spaces with different textures, materials and colors.
450sqm on two levels of a building within an office complex on the outskirts of Bologna, used as multifunctional spaces by Acabadomate, a studio founded by two Italian architects based in Barcelona, joined by interior designer Laura Muñoz.

Upstream of the project was an accurate color study to characterize each area-from the meeting room to operational workstations to relaxation areas such as lounge and shared kitchen-with specific textures and studied color combinations.

hybrid space, shared by people carrying out different activities, that satisfies extreme flexibility of use, great visual and acoustic comfort.

For the partitions, the Glass Wall System was chosen, a system of internal partitions with aluminum metal profiles (in this project in sand, coral red and midnight blue colors) of different colors that, as in this case, incorporates storage furniture and doors, selected for variety it offers in materials and finishes, unusual in office design.


2023 BMW X1

Built in Germany, BMW’s smallest crossover SUV grows longer (by 1.7 inches), wider (by 0.9 inches), and it rides on a wheelbase that is 0.9 inches longer. The dimensions suggest a roomier interior for up to five passengers, but final specs won’t be available until nearer its on-sale date of October 2022. 

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All-Electric Alice Airplane Expected To Fly this Summer

Eviation’s Alice all-electric airplane is designed to carry nine passengers. [Courtesy: Eviation]

Eviation’s sleek, all-electric airplane demonstrator–dubbed Alice–reportedly completed a low speed taxi testing program this month at Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO), in Washington, north of Seattle, and is “gearing up” for its first flight “this summer.”

The FlightGlobal report, from the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE 2022) in Geneva, quotes interim CEO Gregory Davis, who said low-speed ground testing finished on May 2, with Alice achieving a maximum speed of 86 kts. High-speed taxi testing won’t be attempted until Alice has received an experimental permit to fly, Davis told FlightGlobal Tuesday.

In April, Eviation told FLYING it was conducting a parallel process of ground testing and safety board reviews. Based on the ground test results—Davis told FlightGlobal that Eviation has slowed down its timeline.

“When we completed the ground-test program, we found some things that we needed to tweak and that’s what we are working on as we prepare the aircraft for first flight,” Davis told FlightGlobal. 


Villa M, Paris, France

Villa M is a beautiful green hotel and restaurant located in Paris, France, designed in 2021 by Triptyque Architecture.

Designed by french-Brazilian Triptyque Architecture, with architectural design and art direction of the spaces signed by Philippe Starck, Villa M aims to create a new pact between cities, nature, and health.

A naturalistic manifest: this is the definition of Villa M, a mixed-use complex located in Boulevard Pasteur, in the Parisian borough of Montparnasse.

The hotel is designed as an enveloping and relaxing cocoon, with breathtaking views of the City of Light. Its 67 rooms and 6 suites have been designed as green spaces. Some of them have a balcony or terrace to admire the Montparnasse and Invalides districts. And, above all, nestled at the corner of the seventh floor, there is the Pasteur Suite: an exceptional suite with large bay windows, a double green terrace, and a living room open to the capital.